Granger Bicentennial Committee has decided to postpone the Bicentennial Celebration planned for June 2021 due to continued concerns over COVID-19.


The celebration is rescheduled for

June 24, 25 and/or 26, 2022.
The committee will continue to work hard to make it a grand celebration for Granger’s Bicentennial +1! Details and an updated timeline will be posted to our website as soon as possible!

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Welcome to the Granger Historical Society!

The Granger Historical Society has benefited greatly from the contributions of two individuals, Judge Aldrich B. Underwood and Miss Helen M. Thompson. Miss Thompson donated her home and its contents to the township in 1966 and it has since become the Thompson-Work Museum. Judge Underwood offered his contribution to the township in 1969 which built the facility behind the Thompson-Work home and began the collections for a research library. The Granger Historical Society was formed in 1970, soon after Judge Underwood’s donation, but was not incorporated until 1972. Because of Judge Underwood, Miss Thompson, and donations from many others living in Granger Township and the surrounding area, the Granger Historical Society has both a museum and a research library with various historical items. In addition to the museum and library, members of the historical society encourage community involvement in history through events which can be found on our Events page.

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