Judge Aldrich B. Underwood

Judge Aldrich B. Underwood was born on a farm in Remsen Corners, April 13, 1889. He attended what was then Granger High School as a member of the graduating class of 1906. In 1914, Judge Underwood was the first Democratic candidate to be elected prosecuting attorney in Medina County. He was re-elected in 1916. In 1918, the Judge resigned his Medina County post to enter the Field Artillery Officers Training School at Camp Taylor, Kentucky.


Upon returning to Ohio, Judge Underwood served as assistant to Summit County’s prosecuting attorney, as an Akron Municipal Judge, and for four years, as Law Director of Akron. From 1932 to 1940 he was a member of Akron’s Civil Service Commission. During World War II, the Judge served as public representative on the War Labor Board’s Tri-Partite Panels. The Panels heard industrial labor disputes in Akron, Canton, and Youngstown.

The Judge was a well-read man of extensive interest. The subject matter of the Judge’s library spaned a greater breadth than law alone, to include medicine, travel, science, and religion. Many of his books were of historical interest, such as an 1874 Medina County Atlas. Some of the Judge's books are still available in the Aldrich B. Underwood Library for examination by any interested resident, but these books are not be allowed to be taken from the library. Also in the Judge’s collections are many Indian relics and antique farm implements.