Miss Helen M. Thompson

Miss Helen M. Thompson came to Medina County with her family in 1904. The property, which she later donated to Granger Township, was purchased in 1908. Miss Thompson’s father remodeled the old house on the site, adding four rooms and the porches, and putting in a basement. Later, an upper story was added to the structure. According to Miss Thompson the house was originally an office belonging to a Doctor Hill before the Civil War.


Miss Thompson is a descendent of Scotch-Irish Presbyterian pioneers who came to America before the Revolution. She was interested in the “history of our county and in the preservation and memorialization of the principles and ideals which motivated our forbearers in coming to this country.” Miss Thompson retired from the Gray Line Company after thirty-five years of service. Thirty of those years were as a resident of Chicago, Illinois. Upon her retirement, she returned to her former home in Granger.

Along with the house and property, Miss Thompson’s gift to the township included what she said were “some items of personal property, hopefully to be displayed.” Her home contains early American and Victorian furniture (which, she said, “talk back” to each other) as well as her fine collection of dolls. The gift was formally presented to Granger Township Trustees in the summer of 1966, but Miss Thompson retained the right to live on the property and did so until she passed away in 1989.